Frequently Asked Questions

YES.   All ages can benefit from having a healthcare provider that you know and trust even if you only see them once a year. Know that illness is not planned but we will be there when those unexpected problems arise.

Our role is to keep you healthy and inform you of the best ways to maintain your health. We provide health coaching and preventative annual health exams. We offer a broad range of specialized testing for cardiac, diabetes and dementia family histories as well as other risk factors – we offer these because we believe that knowledge is power.

Call or make an appointment for a free consultation with Renée or Marsha to discuss if DFH is right for you.
**NOTE: We cannot discuss or advise on any health issues during this free consultation – only after you join.

NO. We do not accept any commercial insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. Your membership is paid directly to the clinic, rather than through government payers or insurance companies. We cut out the middle man.

YES. We recommend having coverage for major life events such as hospital care, obstetrical care, major accidents and cancer care.  We would be glad to visit with you about some options available. 

YES. In some cases, you can submit a receipt for your membership fees or lab/medication costs to HSA plans. Some insurance companies will apply these payments toward a deductible. This would be your responsibility.

NO. We do NOT treat chronic pain or prescribe any controlled substances.  You will need to continue to see your previous provider for renewals of these medication. However, we can assist you in finding a physician that specializes in chronic pain management. 

NO. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer this service, but will refer to your County Health Department. The link for Cass County’s website regarding Immunizations is:

Please call us at 816-793-0071 with additional questions or contact us via email at